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JUNE 2017



Ken Roesch!

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The meeting was called to order by President Kenny Montgomery at 7:09pm. A motion to dispense with the reading of the previous meeting minutes was made and passed without dissent.

Director of Health Benefits Michael Masters:  

Mike Masters discussed the changes in premiums for next year as a result of the new proposed contract. He went into detail regarding CCA self plus one and Self and family rates. There will be an open season for CCA's if the contract is ratified.  under the new proposed contract a CCA self +1 or family plan the Postal Service will pay 65% of the plan cost the first year and 75% the second year. This will be a great savings to the  CCA employee as the Postal Service only pays $125 per pay period or about 25%.

Benefit Trust:

Financial report read to the membership with no questions or comments made.

AFL-CIO Report: Joe Dimaria:

Labor council COPE picnic will be held on June 22 from 4pm - 8pm. July 21st is labor night at the Red Wings with discounted tickets

Political Education:Delegates went to Washington D.C. last month. Delegates reported on their lobbying efforts. H.R. 756 is supported by NALC and is still in the Works. President Trumps budget has some issues that will affect carriers with increased retirement costs and decreased retirement benefits, we are urging our representatives to vote against the Presidents budget proposal.

Unfinished Business: President Montgomery:

Letter Carriers collected 335,678 opouds of food this year for local area pantries

4th annual MDA Golf Tournament was held Sunday May 21, 120 golfers helped raise $10,800 for Muscular Dystrophy. Thanks goes out to all our volunteers this year.


The branch grieved the start time change to 8:30 for the city stations and Fairport and we were successful in getting the old start time returned to 8:00am. There is a financial remedy which is still being worked out right now. Once it is finalized the members will be notified.


As of the union meeting the branch had 398 article 8 grievances of forcing non-OTDL carriers prior to maximizing the overtime list. So far over $88,000 has been awarded in these cases. We still have over 90 cases to settle.


The Darien Lake Picnic is Sunday July 16, 2017. Tickets will be available in June from the union office for $25 each. Season Tickets holders can buy food only tickets for $10. Price includes the park, food and parking.


President Montgomery and Postmater Burke entered into a holddown policy. All holddowns must be in writing.



New Business: President Montgomery:


When going into the office with boss or inspectors make sure your represented by a steward.


Management is focusing on missed MSP scans in order to issue discipline. Make sure your hitting the scans.


Fill out your 3996, if your goign to be later than what your approved for make sure you call and get authorization, if nobody answers then bring the mail back and find a supervisor. Protect yourself at all times.


If a package is stolen or misdelivered, carriers do NOT have to pay for the missing package. If management asks you to pay for a missing parcel see your steward.


and finally The NALC and the Postal Service have entered into a now Proposed contract with the following details


The 2016 National Agreement will last 40 months, covering the period May 21, 2016, to Sept. 20, 2019.

General wage increases and pay upgrade

All letter carriers, career and non-career alike, will receive two wage increases and a pay upgrade resulting from a consolidation of the letter carrier pay grades as follows:

bullet1.2 percent effective Nov. 26, 2016, paid retroactively.
bullet1.3 percent effective Nov. 25, 2017.
bulletCarriers paid at the Grade 1 level will be upgraded to Grade 2, and all Grade 2 carriers will receive 2.1 percent additional compensation for all hours effective Nov. 24, 2018.

CCAs will receive additional wage increases of 1.0 percent on these three dates for a total of: 2.2 percent on Nov. 26, 2016 (paid retroactively); 2.3 percent on Nov. 25, 2017; and an additional 1.0 percent increase at the time of the upgrade, Nov. 24, 2018. These additional increases will be paid in lieu of COLAs for CCAs.

Cost-of-living adjustments for career letter carriers

All career letter carriers will receive seven COLAs based on changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) and using the existing COLA formula and the July 2014 CPI as the base month. The first two COLAs will be paid retroactively and the remaining five will be paid in the future as follows:

bulletThe first COLA will be $21 annually effective Sept. 3, 2016, paid retroactively.
bulletThe second COLA will be $333 annually effective March 4, 2017, paid retroactively.
bulletThe third COLA will be effective in September 2017.
bulletThe fourth COLA will be effective in March 2018.
bulletThe fifth COLA will be effective in September 2018.
bulletThe sixth COLA will be effective in March 2019.
bulletThe seventh COLA will be effective in September 2019.

The COLAs will be applied to the two pay tables for career city carriers in the same manner used in the 2011 National Agreement.

Recently retired letter carriers

Letter carriers who have retired over the last several months will receive applicable retroactive general wage increases and COLAs. The Office of Personnel Management will also make any annuity adjustments made necessary by the retroactive increases.

Step increases for city carrier assistants

The tentative agreement would establish step increases for CCAs. In addition to the wage increases described above, CCAs will receive a 50 cents per hour raise after 12 weeks of service and an additional 50 cents per hour increase after an additional 40 weeks of service. These step increases will be paid retroactively to Nov. 26, 2016, for CCAs with paid hours since Nov. 26, 2016.  For example, CCAs with 52 weeks of service as of Nov. 26, 2016, will get a $1.00 per hour raise, effective on that date and paid retroactively.

Step advancement for certain former transitional employees

Effective May 26, 2018, eligible former transitional employees (TEs) will be advanced in Table 2 of the letter carrier pay scale based on their length of service as TEs after Sept. 29, 2007. Such former TEs will be entitled to between one and four step increases as follows:

 Length of creditable TE Service

Number of Additional Steps

2 years but less than 3 years


3 years but less than 4 years


4 years but less than 5 years


5 or more years



For those eligible former TEs converted to career status prior to May 26, 2018, the step advancement will be effective on that date. For those converted thereafter, the step advancement will be effective upon conversion to career status. All employees eligible for step advancement will retain time-in-step credit.

Health insurance

In 2017, there is no change in the Postal Service’s share of premium costs for career letter carriers’ health insurance (76 percent of the weighted average Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) plan premium, capped at 79.25 percent of any given plan premium). Following the pattern of previous contracts, the Postal Service’s share will decline by a total of 3.0 percent over the term of the tentative agreement. The share will decrease to 74 percent in 2018 and to 73 percent in 2019. The maximum employer contribution for any given plan will be 77.25% in 2018 and 76.0% in 2019. Over the course of the entire contract, the Postal Service’s share for career letter carriers will remain higher than that paid by other federal agencies that participate in the FEHBP (72 percent of the average premium, capped at 75 percent for any given plan).

The bi-weekly impact of these Article 21 changes will depend on which plans carriers enroll in but will, in any case, represent a small fraction of the bi-weekly pay increases provided by Article 9 of the tentative agreement.

On health insurance for CCAs, the tentative contract maintains the Postal Service’s bi-weekly contribution of $125 toward self-only coverage in the USPS Non-career Health Plan, but it would significantly increase the Postal Service’s contribution toward self-plus-one and self-and-family coverage in that plan (now set at the same $125 bi-weekly contribution available for self-only coverage). In the initial year of CCA employment, the USPS will pay 65 percent of the premium costs. In the second year of CCA employment and beyond, the USPS share would rise to 75 percent of the total premium.

Job security protections for letter carriers

The no-layoff clause that protects letter carriers after six years of service as career employees is retained in the tentative agreement. In addition, prohibitions against contracting out city carrier work would be continued for the duration of the 2016-2019 contract, if the contract is ratified.

Joint Workplace Improvement Process

The tentative accord includes an MOU on improving workplace culture. The parties have agreed to establish a Joint Workplace Improvement Process to address a number of issues to provide safe, efficient work environments in which employees are treated with dignity and respect.

CCA complement and conversion to career status

Upon ratification, there would be a one-time conversion to career status for CCAs with relative standing date at least 30 months prior to the ratification date. The conversions would work as follows:

bulletIn 200-workyear offices, eligible CCAs will be converted to full-time regular career status in their installation.
bulletIn 125- and 100-workyear offices, eligible CCAs will be converted to part-time flexible career status in their installation, rather than waiting to convert to full-time career status as a CCA.

The parties have agreed to consider the possibility of another one-time conversion after one year.

Additionally, the parties have agreed to address situations where CCAs work in small offices with no clear path to a career opportunity.

There is no increase to the CCA employment caps in Article 7 of the Agreement or to the number of CCAs currently on the rolls. However, the Postal Service will maintain a percentage of the additional CCAs previously agreed to by the parties through a number of MOUs. These MOUs, which would continue in the tentative agreement, have provided additional career conversion opportunities for CCAs, about 47,000 to date. The vast majority of these CCAs did not have to serve probationary periods as career employees. The MOUs continue to include a weekly meeting to monitor appropriate staffing levels through career conversions and voluntary transfer requests.

CCA holidays

The tentative agreement provides for six paid holidays for CCAs.

CCA leave provisions in local agreements

The agreement requires the parties to negotiate choice and incidental leave provisions for CCAs during local implementation. It also establishes an alternate dispute resolution process for impasses related to CCA leave prior to arbitration.

Article 8 improvements

All overtime, regardless of whether such overtime was worked on a carrier’s own route, will count toward equitability for overtime desired list (ODL) carriers. Additionally, management will be required to post equitability totals weekly, rather than quarterly.

An MOU is incorporated into the agreement to continue to allow the local parties the option of developing a process that allows employees who transfer from another installation or are converted to full time following the signup period to place their names on either the ODL or the work assignment list. Existing agreements pursuant to previous versions of this MOU will remain in effect

The next union meeting is open to all members and is Wednesday July 5, 2017 at 7:00pm and will be held at the IBEW union hall located at 2300 East River Road, Rochester NY 14623.         

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