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FOR $500.00



The meeting was called to order by President Kenny Montgomery at 7:04pm. A motion to dispense with the reading of the previous meeting minutes was made and passed without dissent.

There was a special guest in attendance; MDA director Maggie Thomas was there to present a plaque to Branch 210 for nearly $14,000 in donations last year. We also presented her with checks totaling $1,195 for MDA from our recent bowl-a-thon. 

Our National Business Agent from Region 11 Dan Toth was also in attendance to conduct the installation of officers for the 2017-2019 term of office.  After completion of the installation Mr. Toth gave an update to our members regarding contract talks saying only that the parties are VERY close in reaching a possible settlement. If they reach a negotiated deal on our contract, you, the members of this union have the ultimate say if it a good deal or not. If a negotiated deal is not reached it will ultimately go to arbitration. Dan Toth went on to talk about issue pertaining to continuation of pay (COP) while on OWCP saying there is no reason someone hurt on duty would ever decline COP. He spoke about CCA, hiring, conversion to career, Sunday delivery of Amazon packages, Safety, the "NALC APP available for cell phone users and answered questions from the members in attendance.

Director of Health Benefits Michael Masters:  

Mike Masters discussed having 38 new members picked up in NALC insurance from open season. He discussed at length NALC insurance coverage for mental health through Optum health care networks. President Montgomery mentioned issues again this year with new MVP members getting health care cards timely. For questions on MVP cards contact MVP directly, the NALC cannot help with this.

Benefit Trust:

Financial report read to the membership with no questions or comments made.

AFL-CIO Report: Joe Dimaria:

UCAN graduates all thanked the membership for sending them to the training. Very informative and great experience and learning opportunity.

Political Education:

H.R. 756 has been introduced. Bill for Postal reform that includes centralized delivery. Our National Officers are looking at it and will give their recommendations soon. The hiring freeze signed by Presidnet Donald trump does NOT affect the Postal Service. The leader of the Government oversight and refrom committee Chaffetz has stated he intends on eliminating Federal pensions in favor of increased TSP usage for retirement for new hires.

Unfinished Business: President Montgomery:

MDA bowl-a-thon raised $1,195


Letter Carriers food drive is Saturday May 13, 2017


There is a new members only portal on the nalc.org website. along with a member app for your cell phone


New Business: President Montgomery:


Bring your surveys to the union meeting to be placed in our quarterly raffle for $50

When going to urgent care at managements instructions make sure a DOCTOR signs the paperwork. At urgent care they will try to tell you it is not needed....they are WRONG. OWCP will deny your claim based soley on the fact there is no DOCTORS signature.


National is working on the scanner battery issue.


the POstal Service has a training program called Kaizon teams for Six SIgma Teams. NALC does not endorse nor participate in these programs. The programs are designed to have other craft members watch you work and give suggestions on improving your performance and in turn carriers would watch a clerk or mail handler and tell them what they are doing wrong....thats management job not ours. Letter Carrier should not be concerned with what a clerk is or isn't doing and you don't want a mail handler telling you how to load your truck. The NALC recommends not participating.


If asked for documentation for a Sick call and you are out less than 4 days you can file a grievance and ask the POstal Service pay your co-pay and mileage to the doctor office.4 days or more you MUST get a note. Note should say you were incapacitated for the days in question and should give the nature of the illness but not a diagnosis.


The next union meeting is open to all members and is Wednesday March 1, 2017 at 7:00pm and will be held at the IBEW union hall located at 2300 East River Road, Rochester NY 14623.         

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